• This is going to be my first fall/winter with my new pups. Currently I walk them everyday and I make sure they get plenty of socialization with people and other dogs outside as much as possible. I am worried that when it starts to get too cold out that they arent going to get as much excercise as they should be getting and am afraid that when it does start snowing (and I live in Michigan and when it snows, it snow alot) they are going to start terrorizing the house because of lack of exercise. Am I just worrying or what have you guys experienced with the transition of seasons? Also what can I do to get them to still socialize with other dogs and people? I dont want all winter go go by and because they arent outside as much and not able to socialize I dont want them to become mean and teritorial.

     Any thoughts?



    These pictures are not of my pups, but I found them and thought I would share them with you. I cant wait to dress mine up for Halloween! Sealed

  • Niko is a very pretty pumpkin!!  She had already started to eat it last year...hopefully it lasts one more year.  We are in Atlanta so I couldnt tell you about the weather change but anxious to know because we will move north in the future...hopefully MN...if you havent heard it gets kinda cold up there.  I already have a sweater for her.Laughing
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  • You have dogs that are bred to be out in cold weather for long periods of time.  There is one thing I recommend for them, Musher's Seceret to protect their paws from salt.

    Things for you:

    Long underwear, warm socks, gortex hiking boots (rated for winter, merrell is a good brand), some cargo pants, a warm hat, gloves, and a warm winter coat that can stand up to the weather.  You might also be interested in getting some gators for the real deep snow, gators wrap around the top of your shoe and the bottom of your pant leg to keep the snow out.  I just got this coat:


    When the snow starts to fall and it is cold, get out there and walk your dogs.  Nemo loves the snow and running through 6-10 inches of it really wears him out fast, I don't know many, if any Shibas that don't like the snow.  If it is 20º and sunny with snow on the ground, Nemo is in heaven.

    If it gets to be below 10º out, then shorten up the walks a bit, below 5º, potty breaks only.

    So get out there and enjoy the cold fresh air of northern winters.

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  • Moto LOVES winter. While a New England winter is no Michigan winter but they are still pretty snowy! I am right there with Brandon! I bundle up and run the heck out of my little guy. In fact I lost 50lbs last year thanks to all my puppy activity (talk about motivation to keep walking my little boy!). I even still take him to the dog run. It is actually really fun. I am buying mushers secret for sure for this winter. But otherwise longjohns hot chocolate and a little affection for Jack Frost and you will actually have a blast this winter!
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  • Hello,

    My lil Kobe loves the snow! He hates rain, but loves to run and jump in the snow. Plus the more they are out in the cold, their coats grow nice and pretty!
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  • Well I must admit in the past I have been no big fan of winter, but since I do have the dogs now it might actually be fun to bundle up and take them out. I have watched some shiba videos the first snow encounter and im excited to see both of my dogs' reaction. Maybe this winter I wont have the winter blahs because it will give me a reason to get out of the house. Thanks for the advice guys!
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    Hey Corn1010 - Don't think you can slip by without us noticing.  Smile  Welcome to the forum!

    What type of dog is Kobe?


    I also would like to add - BackCountry.com ROCKS! I buy a lot of stuff from them, I really like that site.

    If you buy long underwear go with Smart Wool - in my experience they are the most warm.


    Jen and I are sooooooo stoked to move to a climate w/ snow, it’s gross here in ATL.
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  • I didn't buy the coat from BackCountry.com, but I do like their site, and also their realated outlet store and www.steepandcheap.com  You can find a lot of good deals.  I scored that coat for $125 at a local outdoor supply outlet, hooray for good deals.


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    Long underwear are my best friend.  I, too, enjoy being outdoors in the winter!  My dogs have never had a problem, except Tojo when he was very young. 
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  • Hahaha... Kobe is a red male Shiba,, i will posts pics once i figure it out!
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