• If you feed you dog Bravo brand pet food please check this link!!!


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  • Yep. Already know about it.

    It's just the poultry product, and only a certain lot. The story is that the FDA is cracking down on raw feeders and targeting them. The bacteria found wasn't full salmonella or listeria - just the bacteria that could become those. Not one dog or one person has reported a single illness.

    There's been so much going on about China imports that Americans are starting to demand American product. That's hurting the big businesses who want to pay peanuts and make huge profits by importing. So... target American made. In this case, there has been such interest in raw feeding that it is expected that Bravo is only the first to be targeted. Remember, a large portion of dog food companies imported grains and food stuff from China. Now, it's costing the kibble manufacturers more money to buy elsewhere, and they've lost a huge customer base to raw and dehydrated foods.

    Yes, be careful, but remember that you can find the exact same bacteria on your lettuce that the FDA is screaming about with Bravo.We've had recalls for worse bacteria on spinach and in the hamburger we buy from the grocery store.

    Frankly, with what I've read, I'm still going to buy Bravo. We bought three 5-pound tubes yesterday. Granted, we bought beef and lamb.

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    Is it me or isn't it obvious that RAW food would have salmonella? I mean it's RAW chicken. It's probably a bigger risk for the humans that feed it than it is for the dogs since they have evolved from wolves who are scavengers.

    Also a dogs intestinal tract is so short they really don't have much of a risk when it comes to getting salmonella - people have such a risk because our intestinal tract is like a few miles long... so the stuff sits in our intestines and gets into our blood stream.

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  • I think any meat improperly handled would be suspect. Or, even our counter tops if we don't wipe them down after cutting up either the dog's food or ours. Even eggs!

    I'd still be careful about handling ANY raw meat - our or the dogs food. Wash hands, wipe down counters, clean all utensils that come in contact, and wash the dog bowls after they've finished eating. Also, I wouldn't let it sit out for more than an hour without putting in back in the fridge.



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    I had Salmonella food poisoning when I was younger, got it from eggs or something. I was like 8 years old. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, it was really horrible. I had my stomach pumped and could not sleep laying down for 4 week.

    So, obviously I agree. We wash things down like freaks before and after feeding raw, but my point was really that you can't control whether or not raw meat has bacteria in it - because it's raw meat.

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  • I don't remember who suggested it, it may have been you Brad, but making a point of also wiping your dogs mouth after feeding to prevent the dog from spreading bacteria onto furniture or people. I would think that would be very important in a home with children.

    I actually got salmonella poisoning from someone cutting my salad with the same knife they cut raw chicken without cleaning in between. I believe I begged my roommate at the time to kill me.


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