Amazing night

  • We had some friends over last night and they brought their 2 year old rott.  Niko loves him to death and they flirt and tease each other all the time.  I know this isnt really a japanese thing but it was so awesome.  He tried to get Sasha to calm down and lessen her anxiety.  He kept forcing her to come out of the corner and making himself the leader of the pack so she doesnt have to be stressed.  I think this is the main reason that Sasha is such a mess...she thinks that she has to be the pack leader and cant handle it.  Once he got her calmed down she actually ATE infront of others!!!!!  She has never done that before!  The way he was so agile and protecting my girls and spliting his time in between them and when Sasha got upset he covered her to get her to calm down.  It was so awesome sitting back and watching!  And all of this without her daddy being home (She is a wreck when he is gone and on guard 24/7).  She is blossoming so much!

    She truly can come out of her misery!  I believe it! 

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    That's really great! It seems everyday Sasha gets closer and closer to being balanced - you guys should be very proud of yourselves and of Sasha!


    Maybe he can come over and help Maui. lol.

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