Hello, new to shikoku...but interested in learning more
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    Hi All,

     I have been silently monitoring your forum.Laughing I am looking for a new dog and after reading about all the japanese breeds, the shikoku interested me the most. Previously I only have had Siberian Huskies (for 30+ years) and at one point I had 3 (1 from puppyhood and 2 rescues). Currently I am am dogless since my last dog died 1 1/2 yr ago.

     Any one have experience with Siberians and Shikokus? Care to compare and contrast them? I have spoken both with Katja and Peggy and they both have Sibe experience and the Shikoku seems to combine the things I liked about the Siberian while not having some of the things I didn't like about them.

     Well, I am on the waiting list for a Shikoku and am excited about that. Looking forward to reading about your "pups" as I wait.



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    Hi Kris, welcome to the forum!

    Other than what I have read about Siberians, I don’t have any experience with the breed - so most of my knowledge about the differences in the breeds I’m sure you are already aware of.

    Since Siberians are considered primitive as well, I think you will be able to handle a Shikoku - tho I think the Shikoku is still much more primitive and wolf-like than Siberians (at least in behavior).

    Who will you be getting your Shikoku from?

    keep us posted on your Shikoku, and congrats!

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  • WELCOME!  That is about all I can add...Laughing

    I love Brad's Shikoku if that helps at all!!  LOL

    Hope you get lots of help here in making your decision. 

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  • EdgewoodEdgewood
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    Thanks for the welcome. Well, I am glad that both Katja and Peggy have had Siberians (I believe that they both bred them too) so they both have given me a good idea of the similarities and differences between the breeds.

     I am looking forward to getting a dog again. I am currently on Peggy's waiting list and hope that I may get one from the upcoming litter.

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