Niko is grounded

  • No matter how hard I try and work with Niko's special Shiba needs she still tests me.  Doesnt help I had a bad day.

    I let Sasha out to go potty and Niko ran up to go out.  I opened the door to grab her outdoor lead (after Niko was sitting and staying).  I opened the door and Sasha started barking and out goes Niko.  Full force out of the back yard.  This is not her normal behavior and she will sit and stay to let us out but as soon as she heard Sasha bark she was in instant hunt mode.  Yell

    I think I need to call animal control on myself for even pretending like she wasnt a Shiba.  Thus is the life with my little monster!

  • Every time I have made the error of convincing myself that Moto "isn't your typical shiba" he reminds me of what it means to live with a primitive breed.

    He will get up from a huge cuddle session and gnaw on my mothers antique coffee table (it looks like I practiced wittling on it) or go into the litter box like it is a snack bar.

    Then I lose it, and he makes this face that just kills me.

    AAAHHH shiba parenthood... 

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    oh - i'm glad Niko is safe now.

    We live right next to a really busy street so we are really freaked about the one of ours getting out.

    Maui loved to chew on wood furniture as a pup.

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  • Cat box=snack bar...Check!


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  • my vet calls them tootsie rolls
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    Tojo can only be off leash if I know it'll be a long walk.  I can't let him out and call him right back, but if we go for a walk, he knows to go inside when it's done.  Otherwise, he's like, "Come back in?  I just got out!"  Although, truth be told, he's not much of a bolter.
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  • Niko usually isnt a bolter and if I open the door she stays but as soon as Sasha barked she said "peace out mommy!!!"

    It is just so hard to remember because she earns my trust one minute doesnt mean she deserves is the next minute. 

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