He's eating like a normal dog!
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    The past week, Ronan has eaten all his meals - usually on the spot!

    Nothing has changed, really. I'm feeding the same foods, which are:

    Orijen kibble for mornings/times I'm in a super hurry, or I've forgotten to thaw raw.

    Nature's Variety raw (I rotate flavors) mixed with Honest Kitchen Embark

    Trippett tripe once a week (variety - lamb, beef, duck/salmon) mixed with Honest Kitchen.

    The occasional can of NV

    Once or twice a month, canned human grade salmon (low sodium) with a raw egg and a little HK.

    But he's really eating! Whoo hoo! I hope he'll keep it up.

  • That's FANTASTIC!

    He's just realized how important his daily meals really are.

    This is GREAT news!

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    Yes! I'm thrilled! It's been so hard getting him to eat his meals. He gets bored or so distracted. See what you have to look forward to? LOL!
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