In loving memory...
  • Michelle MMichelle M
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    It was one year ago tonight that I held Jack's head and told him I loved him. I said if there had been anything I could have done to save him, I would have.

    I hope you're running free, Big Pup. We'll meet again. Until you come to guide me, I'm here for you, always and always.

    In Memory -

    Captain Jack Hachiko

    Brave, Devoted, Wise

    Dearly Loved


    Okay for the life of me, I cannot add a link to where the photos are kept. How do I do it?????????




  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
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    Im so sorry.  Just the thought of losing one of my babies makes me tear up. 

    I dont know how to add links but I upload my pics on photobucket and them go into html and add the html code.  There may be an easier way.  I was getting all choked up and then laughed at your last comment!

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    Really? What happens when you try to upload a pic. I did it earlier w/ no problems.

    You can send them to me an I'll put the up if you like.


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