Dog fighting rings
  • Michelle MMichelle M
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    Okay, my apologies upfront, but I'm getting on my soapbox.

    Many of us here have a dog or a dog breed that we know can have a certain predisposition for fighting, so I make my plea - we've all got to make it known how wrong and horribly cruel it is to have dog fighting in this country.  What sick person derives pleasure from the torture, pain, and killing of animals? What heartless person steals dogs from people who love them to use as bait? What kind of devil chokes the life out of a dog for refusing to fight?

    Right now, we have a golden opportunity to make Vick's case speak for the animals who can't. He might have money, but we have numbers of a different sort. Let's make it count and maybe we can help stamp out dog fighting. I don't want to someday see our beloved Shikoku labeled aggressive because some idiot realized that they can fight. It's how breed specific bans start.

    People who harm animals usually have a predisposition for seriously harming people, too. Studies suggest that some of the countries most infamous serial killers started with animals. We've got something else these &@$*ds don't have - hearts and souls.

    We have a chance to make a stand. Write or email the NFL and your congressman today. Make our dogs' voices heard. They count on us for so much. May we be the kind of people they think we are.

    My deepest apologies if I've overstepped bounds or offended anyone, but I can't look my two in the face and tell them I didn't try. I couldn't watch this video and be afraid that someday, someone would remake it with Akitas or Shikokus. It's true - Sorry does seem to be the hardest word.


  • HeidiHeidi
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    You're absolutely right, the whole thing is disgusting.  
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    Yea it's really sad - you certainly didn't offend me. I hope Vick gets the same punishment he gave all those poor pups he abused. He will probably just get a fine and be back on the playing field in a few months so he can do something horrible again, but this time maybe to a human - America sux like that.  Frown  It's all about $$$$$.

    I think Akita may already have similar issues, just maybe not as publicized. I have only owned an Akita for a few months now - but I have already received some ignorant comments about the breed.

    Jen told me some lady stopped by her work the other day protesting against pits, and saying she was marching to the capitol to try and ban the breed for good. That's so ignorant - it has nothing to do with the breed and everything to do with the people that own the breed. In this case, unfortunately, it seems a lot of bad people keep owning pits and therefore the breed is taking the bad wrap when really the owners should. It's easy to blame someone/something that doesn't fight back.

    It makes me pretty sick when I think about it all.


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  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
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    This is something that gets me so fired up.  I got in an argument with my boss about this topic.  Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that the house was built for dog fighting (the basement, kennels and so on).  There are many witnesses to him participating and seeing the money in his hand.  My rottie/pitt was meant to be a bait dog, but she was rescued in time.  She is terrified of anything and is scared when Niko acts out and she runs in circles and hides.  He better not just get a slap on the wrist!!!!
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  • Michelle MMichelle M
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    He pleaded not guilty even though I've heard they have countless witnesses and even video of him. To me, that means he knows his goose is cooked and his lawyers are going to plea bargain. There is enough evidence to put him away for a long time, so plea bargain is what his lawyers are telling him to do to get off light.

    Brad - some of the sweetest dogs I've known have been Pitts. Jack's puppy-hood friend was another male - a Pitt named Cooper.

    The meanest dogs I've known have been spaniels, poodles, and small fluffy lap-held breeds who bite as soon as look at you.  Get used to it as an Akita owner. People will back away in horror and tell you all sorts of things. We have people who totally freak once they've been told what Tasha is - and that's after she's loved on them and they've said how incredibly sweet she is. Idiots. You'd have more of a chance of being brutally mauled by a goldfish than Tasha.

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  • ShikokuSpiritShikokuSpirit
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    We have two Rotties living with us - they are my roommate's dogs. They are good dogs. We are both responsible too. Besides, my roommate has raised them right. They both have a lot to offer. Zak, the male Rottie, is a complete love-bug, more so with the ladies -smiles-. He is always rubbing his head on my side and is very affectinate. And Cindy, the female Rottie, when given the chance...she'll cuddle up on the bed with my roomie. Or run over to me for pat on the head.

    I too, do not understand this sort of discrimation against dogs. Are humans really that hard-headed that they can not see what clearly lays in front of them? A dog should not be punished for his or her Owner's faults. The Owner is the Alpha, obviously these breeds have had poor ownership. The Alpha is there to lead and guide them, to show them how to properly behave. If their Leader has not shown them the way, the dog does not know what is "right" and what is "wrong". 

    In this case, they have had poor leadership. One who has encouraged and taught behaviors that they should have never had to been exposed. They merely have fallen victim to some silly game for sick homo sapien entertainment. And that right there is unfair. They were not able to choose a path of their own. Whether they wanted to or not, there was no other choice then to fight when the will to survive ran strong. While the others who could not bare such will, hopelessly fought or layed there frightened, alone and abused. Awaiting the moment that death should claim them and take them away to somewhere, anywhere but this.

    I hope that we can overcome this. We have been fighting it for many years already...though it seems to get worse. Though, things get worse before they get better, isn't that right...sometimes? We will try even harder!

    Standard Poodles ARE aggressive dogs. They've been lucky enough to have responsible owners who do not allow bad light to be shed upon them. So we only hear about the positive side of it should be. And it should with others.

    Now aggression among smaller dogs...well...tis the same...people are at fault. They become careless because it's a LITTLE dog. They can cope with it and take the abuse because humans are much larger in size. I heard about a 4 lb Pommie (Pomerian) that KILLED an infant. Yet...that did not make National Headlines. 

    Yes, we MUST protect our breeds. Unfortunately popularity is a curse. Aside from the Akita...Malinois are also becoming more known (though still on the  DL - down low) mainly as police dogs though (they are more popular among the police force).

    According to past posts, we are already finding that people do fear the Shikoku because if their "wild" looks. So it is important for us to be cautious with our dogs. If need be, show them there isn't any threat. There's nothing to fear.

    With dogs as a whole, we need to continue to promote "training of your dog". Even a "house pet" should be trained. A trained dog not only looks good, it also poses less of a threat to society.

    What we CAN DO, is educate and help other owners with their dogs (especially the ones being considered for ban). If you have a friend, neighbor, co-worker, family member, friend of a friend, etc. Help them train their dog and become a good canine citizen. If we can do that, it'll be a step closer and eventually let's see if we can have no more "DOG ATTACKS" make headline.

    With responsible breed owners and no recent cases for many months and years. What reason would society or the government have as a base for banning? <~~~ If only we can get to that point


    If there should be any law passed. It should be for Irresponsible ownership. They should receive the punishments NOT the dogs. After all...the Alpha takes full responsiblity for the actions of his or her pack. Whether it is good or bad, the Leader takes the rap for it. That is just one part of Leadership (Alpha) duties. 

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  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
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    Just watching the news today made me angry.  It was a good story about a chiuaua dog jumping infront of a baby to only get bit by a rattlesnake.  The thing that upsets me is you NEVER hear about the "aggressive" breeds and ALL the wonderful things they do for children, adults, elderly, law inforcement, other animals and so much more.  There are specific boards you can go to and hear all of these stories but you have to search them out.  Media never seems to want to shed a positive light on these breeds no matter what.  I try so hard to help educate people about my rottie mix but no matter what they seem to think that I am biased and telling un-truths about her.  I dont deny that there are aggressive dogs out there of ALL breeds.  Again it is the human not the breed.  My home state (where I want to move back to) is planning on passing BSL legislation next year which will lead to 90 days in jail or a $5000 fine for owning a pitt, rott, akita, doberman and a few others.  I think that responsible pet owners will do whatever they can to keep and protect their dog so why dont we do behavioral testing or something?  Have guidelines to ensure a smaller chance that these acts WONT take place rather than trying to demolish and destroy specific breeds.  Lets say that in their perfect world these breeds are no longer in existence, then they will be able to focus on all other breeds and those will slowly be diminished also, it will never stop if it isnt stopped here!

    Ok, im stepping down off of my pedestal....for now. 

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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    For just owning one of those breeds? Really? I mean that really just doesn't make since - and seems a bit unconstitutional.

    Can you owns guns in that state? Seems like guns kill a LOT more people than Pitts, Akita, Rotts, etc... Well I mean, I bet guns kill more people than every dog breed on earth put together. People kill people a lot too... Maybe they should ban people.

    Sorry, that kinda pissed me off - it's just illogical.


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  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    BSL never makes any sense.  The people behind it are usually fanatical dog haters.  And yes they want people fined just for owning dogs, not only will you get a fine but your dog will be taken from you and euthanized.  These people want all the breeds that they dont agree with to be exterminated.  They are disgusting people and they make me sick.  They are no better than the dog fighters and others who abuse animal, their intent is to kill dogs.

    The list of dogs is always absurd to.  When was the last time anyone read about a Dobie attacking anyone?  They are the sweetest dogs you will ever meet, well same with all of these breeds if some a-hole isn't raising them to be aggressive.

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  • Michelle MMichelle M
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    Okay, then they should fine people for drinking. It doesn't matter what they drink, how much, or where. Why? Because they have the potential for DUI. Ban sex. Those that might have sex could pass on an STD. Ban the manufacturing of all products and all foods in that county. There is the potential for faulty products which might harm someone and the potential for contaminated food. Ban all medical services - doctors can make mistakes. Ban the driving of all cars - people may become injured or killed should there be an accident. Ban all swimming pool as people could drown. Ban everyone from coming or going in those town that don't have a psyche eval or security clearance. Anyone with a single legal infraction or jail time must be jailed and fined on sight because they've already proven they are a detrament to society. Ban all wildlife - possible rabies.

    Fine people for smoking. Doesn't matter where. Ban the sale, purchase, or possession of all cigarettes. Cancer and other illness from smoking kills more people every year than all dogs and guns combined.

    See how utterly stupid it sounds?

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