NOTHING to do with dogs...
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    I am posting this for two reasons...I want an issue to be brought to light because it is so often swept under the rug and I am so proud of this young man.

    This is a story just done here in Georgia on one of my children in foster care that has been left by the state and many waiver options.  Lots of un-needed background.  This is one person that I can say my life is better for knowing him and it is an honor to be able to share his life.  Georgia is set up to fail their children no matter what it may mean to them.  If Roger does not get the care he needs he will have to be uprooted from his home and shipped out of state to someone who can actually care for him.  This means lower quality of life and I can garuntee that it will shorten his life.  I am a proud momma right now because he has been such a fighter and advocate for himself and does not want to stop even if his situation is figured out.  There are others out there that he wants to speak up for!

    Please take some time to look into this and forgive me that it has nothing to do with dogs...but Im SURE that those that love animals LOVE children too.

    And please feel free to pass it on! 

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    What a strong person.

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