Tojo's overcoat
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    Something sort of odd about Tojo is that his harsh outer coat doesn't seem like it came in fully.  It's supposed to start along the spine and then fill out, but there's still a defined stripe down his back of harsh outer coat and not as much on the rest of his body.  The only thing that I can think would cause it is that he was neutered around the time his coat started coming in and maybe it never came in fully.  Anyone else know?  Neither of his parents or the other dogs at the breeders had this.  It's not that noticable... I was meaning to post this here and forgot until I read about Maui getting cold.  Sometimes Tojo shivers in the cold even though he looks like he should be a little snow doggie.  Although, it may be because our apartment building is really hot all year 'round (I don't know why, but everyone comments on it who visits us).  At our new place, we'll have more control over the temperature, so we'll see!  Just wanted to know if anyone had any insights.  

    Oh yeah, he was a cryptorchid, too... does anyone know if that would affect it? 

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