Freaking out...

  • I went to a friends house today with the dogs and she told me AFTER I left my dogs there that there were fleas, but only upstairs where there is carpet.  So of course me being the neurotic person I am I feel like I am being covered in bugs!  My dogs are getting mad that I am not leaving them alone.  They are on flea treatment but they can always bring them home alive if the flea doesnt bite...So now I think I am seeing things...I saw a tiny little bug which in all honesty looked like a fruit fly but I lost it before I could examine it.  So of course I am convinced it is a baby flea...AHHH!  Thank God I gave the cats a flea treatment this week also.

    Of course my friend has 8 dogs (she rescues and I got sasha from her).

    So I am off to scrub and burn my skin off in the shower.  If you cant tell...I hate creepy crawlies...especially ones that INFEST!!!  I need prayers...LOL

  • Yikes!  I'm glad fleas aren't so much a problem in this
    area.  I've never even heard of someone's pet getting fleas around
    here (although I know it happens occassionally).
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  • Fleas are everywhere here and they NEVER die!!  I miss the north...
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  • yes - the fleas/bugs in the south are freaking out of control... We have our pups on 2 different flea/tick preventions for it. I'm with you tho - I am not a fan of bugs. I think it's because I grew up in Cali by the coast - no bugs there.
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  • The ticks are terrible up here this season, we are just lucky that they die in November.
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