Does your shiba snort?
  • I read a post on the kai board about a kai that snorted at other dogs. My Tojo snorts at all sorts of things. He'll often do it instead of barking at people who walk under our balcony (we live in an apartment complex and I don't let him bark much). He only *really* barks if something's very upsetting or out of place to him, in which case, I tell him to stop and he either looks at me and starts whining ("Awww, do I have to stop barking?") or starts snorting at whatever he was barking at ("I'm not allowed to bark, but I want you to know that I'm still displeased.") He'll often do it to dogs that displease him as well.  

  • Your Shiba sounds very smart and clever - ours don't snort... But Maui moans and sighs ALL THE TIME, like he carries a very heavy burden that he is always contemplating or something - it's funny.

    Kaia growls a lot in play - but never snorts.


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  • YES!!  All the time!!  It is hilarious!!

    The snort is her first action in her "fierceness"!

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