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  • My 3 year old shiba inu, Mika, is extremely dominant with my other dog (A 12 year old Lhasa Apso/Terrier mix), Toby. Whenever Toby picks up a toy, Mika will steal it from him, and if we give both of them treats, Mika will either steal Toby's or attack him. We've had to cut out all treats but one because of this, and those  we have to break into tiny pieces and feed to them directly.

    Mika will also fight with Toby for no apparent reason, and continue it even if he rolls over. She'll also herd him out into the kitchen, and glare at him so he's afraid to come into the living room.

    Can anybody help me??

  • Once you fond out let me know!  Niko walks all over her sister (rottie/pitt mix).  I dont think Niko tries to be mean but she just doesnt want to share and thinks everything is hers.  She will bark and screech if she finishes her treats before Sasha.  She has run to the door before barking to get Sasha to leave her treats and then run back and eat them.  Damn little shiba devils!!
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  • Sounds like a Shiba! Mine mine mine mine mine mine...

    When we give chew toys or treats we separate all our dogs. Maui and Kaia - our Shibas - do exactly what you are talking about, Maui will always take Kaia's toy / treat / food... The odd thing is he will not eat it. He just takes it from her then she gets the one he had, so he takes that one... It continues in this loop till Maui is so frustrated he drops the treats and goes and lays down. It's really lame - so we just separate them.

    As for the fighting and other issues - how do you react when this happens? Do you free feed your dogs? Does your Shiba get along with other dogs [other than your 2nd dog]? Who was there first - the Shiba?

    We have had a behaviorist come to meet us and our pack, she gave a lot of helpful info that helped us deal with Maui's fear issues - maybe you could try that. It really didn't cost to much. Where are you located - we are in Atlanta, if you are in the Atlanta area I could get you our behaviorist's contact info.

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  • Whenever they start fighting, I try to seperate them. A clap will normally shock her into stopping. I'm not really sure what free-feeding is. She seems to get along with other dogs as soon as she gets to know them, but if the other dog starts to bark at her, she'll get really scared. My other dog, Toby was there first. She started getting dominant with him as soon as she got bigger than him (Even though she's just an inch taller).

    When she's not being jealous she seems to look at Toby as her big brother. If I open the door, she won't go out unless Toby does, and if I take her for a walk seperately, she'll get scared of everything strange to her, like a trash can, and either lie down and not move or run the other way.

     I live in Las Vegas, so I can't really take her out too often for exercise. It's been over 100 degrees every day and both of my dogs overheat outside. They even avoid going out to the bathroom because it's so hot.

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  • This is something where Tojo definitely isn't typical.  He lets anyone take anything from him.  He even lets the cat eat his food.
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  • Free feeding is when you just leave the dog's food out all the time and let them eat whenever they want. The alternative would be only putting the food down during feeding time. A lot of times free feeding causes serious issues in a pack - that's why I asked.

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  • Oh!! No, I only feed them during their feeding times.
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