Niko and a friend in daycare...
  • Is this not the truth?? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Niko wouldnt go anywhere NEAR the pool and walked the perimeter so far away!

  • It's rare when a Shiba will happily approach a big tub, pool, or body of water.

    Cute picture though.

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  • That is so true - but check out this pic!

    Kaia in the pool!

    We just got our pups a pool and the Shibas are the only ones that go in!!! Until this miracle happened they hated water. Silly little Shibas.


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  • Tojo used to hate water until one day I threw his tennis ball into a river and he jumped in after it.  Now every time he sees a body of water he runs into it, but he never swims, just wades in up to his chest.  Yesterday, we were at a Canada Day parade and there was water in the gutters and he kept digging in the water.  

    There's water on our new property and he goes nuts and runs all around it and them jumps in and digs at the water plants.  It's hilarious. 


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