Hello, Shiba Slaves

  • Hello all!!

     Brandon directed me here and since I have Shibas and am completely afflicted with the disease of not being able to shut up about them, I figured I'd join up and party with you guys!

    I have two Shibas that just turned 2 years old a few weeks ago named Yuri and Hanzo.  They have their own blog at www.angelspit.org/yuri that I've been keeping since we first got Yuri when she was just a wee pup. 


    Here are the two monsters.  Yuri doing what she loves most - licking teeth and Hanzo, well... letting her.


  • Welcome to the forum!!!

    When I saw that pic I laughed out loud! - our Shibas do that too!

    I think all Shiba owners have that same disease, I know I do... I have to filter what I talk about on the shikoku forum because I don't want to bore them with Shiba talk.


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  • Okay, that picture has shed light on something for me... Tojo is ALWAYS trying to lick Loki's mouth, but Loki's not a shiba so he doesn't understand.  Now I get it... Tojo needs another shiba whose teeth he can lick!  
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  • Yuri and Hanzo are to cute sometimes. Glad you are here Sarah.

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  • Heidi - That's funny... you are gonna end up w/ more dogs than us.  :c)

    You know, I just remembered I have a video clip of Kaia licking Maui's mouth... I'll try to upload it.


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  • I thought that Niko was just sick!  She licks her sisters teeth and jowls ALL the time!!  It looks like they are making out!
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