Hello, fellow shiba lovers!

  • My name is Heidi and I share my life with a very adorable shiba inu named Tojo.  He was born on October 6, 2005 at Mountain High Kennel in Skookumchuk, BC.  His full, kennel name is Tojo the Firebomb of Mountain High.  The breeder let us choose the name.  We named him after Hideki Tojo, partly as a joke and partly because we thought Tojo was a cute name.  The "firebomb" part is a little cynical as well, considering the use of firebombs in Japan during WWII.  He couldn't be a show dog because he was a cryptorchid Tongue out.  We didn't want a show dog at the time, so he is a great little pal for us.  

    We also have  GSD/chow cross named Loki who is probably about 7-8 years old, although we're not sure because he came from the shelter.   

    Anyway, I hope to get to know lots of other shiba lover on this forum. 


  • Hi!

    Your Shiba looks amazing in that pic. I'm gonna send some emails out to Shiba owners that I know and see if we can get some more members - because you everyone likes to talk about their Shibas.  :c)
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  • I have moved over to this forum also, not that I wont be posting on the Shikoku one unless Brad decides to ban all of the shiba owners. Wink

    Shiba owners do like to talk about their dogs, a lot, it's like a disease, one that I am ok with having.

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  • What a beautiful Shiba you have!  I love that picture.  Yay for the Shiba Smirk!
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  • No worries I will not ban anyone. :c)

    When I see that Shiba pic it makes me smile - Shibas are so cute.

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  • Thanks for the compliments!  I like to think he is a handsome boy.
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