How often does your Kai Ken bark?

  • Just wondering if Kais are barkers. So far Hilo, our Akita, barks the most out of our gang - Ahi, our Shikoku, would be next but she really doesn't bark much. I'm curious to know how the Kai will compare.

    Hilo - He barks when he is excited or wants to play. All his barks are deep and merge into more of a howl.

    Ahi - She barks when she is in "watch dog mode" or when she is VERY frustrated. Her warning bark is a very deep, very intimidating bark - her frustration bark is very high pitched and loud.

    Maui - He barks during play with the most high-pitched irritating bark ever. He also barks when he is warning other dogs to get away.

    Kaia - She barks at people when she wants to play, or if she is in "watchdog mode". She has a very cute bark - kinda muffled.

    Which is your Kai Ken's bark like?



  •   Taj, my Shiba, also has the most high pitched, ear piercing, shriek you could ever imagine. **And she barks all the time**  At children playing in the street, cars going down the road, people coming to the door, the door opening and closing, when she wants to come in from outside, etc. etc.....  

     Kohji doesn't bark very much unless there is a reason.  He will bark at people knocking on the door of course.  He doesn't bark at other dogs very often and is generally quiet when he plays with Taj.   He also grunts, has some very low scary growls, and he makes this weird breathing sound when he's trying to be a jerk around another dog.  It's kinda like an exhaled snort and he opens his mouth when he does it.  

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