Kai vs Shiba and Akita...

  • Chad and I constantly talk about which dog we will get next.  We would love another shiba, Chad is contemplating an Akita (after meeting Hilo).  And I have fallen in love with the Kai.  I think from the research I have done the Kai would be the perfect medium.  I dont know where we are going to end.  People are tired of our zoo and think we are crazy....they are our babies.  We dont know when we will be able to have children because our lives are up in the air.  Because of that we will not be getting another dog in the immediate future....UGH

    I wanna know all about the Kai and any differences between the Kai and shiba and Akita.


    Blame Brad for me being here! 

  • I know what you mean about non-dog people thinking you're crazy.  When we were planning to get Tojo, my mother in law kept saying, "Why don't you just have a baby?"  My answer was because I can keep going to university if I have a dog, but a baby is a different story!  Funny thing, though, it turned out I was pregnant anyway, which is kind of interesting because Tojo and Isaac were in utero at the same time.  My puppy was planned, my baby was not, lol!    

    As far as a comparison, I can't offer one from experience, but I did read this... http://www.royalkennels.com/japtreasure.html  which seems to be exactly what you're looking for. 

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  • Hondru- I would LOVE an "opps" (meaning we were pregnant and didnt expect it), especially when all my friends are having babies!!!

    I will just continue with my love of my furry babies (I just say they take after their dad).

    Thanks for the article.  Chad says no more dogs, but just last night he said something about the next one....hehehe...I always win!!   The only thing stopping us right now is we dont know if/where we are moving and we have 2 cats also. We love them but we have recently realized we are dog lovers. 

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