What size is your Kai?

  • There are some inconsistencies in what people say the Kai Ken standards are - so I was thinking it would be interesting to hear what size everyone's Kais are, for real...

    If you don't mind - what is the weight and height & sex of your pups?

  • I'll have to find out his height, but my male neutered Kai fluctuates from 38-40 lbs., muscular and lean.  They have very strong muscles in their back legs too, for all the climbing and jumping when hunting in rugged terrain.   
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  • Actually, I've been wondering if Sumi's a bit overweight.  She's not "trim," but does have a "waist" if you look at her from the side.  She seemed to put on a bit of weight at the end of winter.  She's about 18 1/2 to 19 inches tall at the withers (this is an estimate--I think she may have grown a little at the same time that she picked up the weight) and about 40 pounds.  She's spayed and just turned 2 years old.  I've cut back on her food, but haven't been able to lose the weight (mine, either!).  Thanks, K   
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