Working Akita...

  • Does anyone do any working type activities with there Akita? Like SAR, Packing, or Tracking? How about Mushing, I would like to try to mush with Hilo - but I'm not sure an Akita will really enjoy mushing.

    Anyone tried any of these activities [or any others] with their Akita?
  • I have mushed for years with Akitas, recreationally. The Japanese or lighter boned smaller ones are better for the sport. They loved it. Whe I had past ones, we would mush to the frozen lake, go ice fishing, get out a hibachi and cook fish with seasoning. I would de bone the fish and the dogs loved it.
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  • That is very cool that you mush that much with your Akita. I'm very excited to try it w/ Hilo and Ahi - but I probably have a year or so before I can do anything like that with him. Meantime, I'm training Ahi now - it's just to hot outside right now to have her running a lot.

    How about packing?


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