Hilo started obedience training...

  • He is doing well - plays very nicely with the other dogs. I can tell he is smart like Ahi, he has it all figured out just by watching. He is very food motivated too.

  • Good for the food motivation!

    It's so hard training a dog that isn't.

    Don't you just love that Cool Hand Luke Akita attitude? 

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  • Yea I really do Michelle - I heard you say how cool they are and all, but I didn't realize how cool it would be to live with. He is just full of confidence and cool... Walks right up to anyone or any dog with not hesitation. It's a breath of fresh air after years with Maui and then Ahi - love there personalities too, but I wish they where a little less freaked out all the time.

    This lady brought the largest dog I have ever seen into class [it was a Malamute - 32" at the withers! REALLY big, like it's head was bigger than Maui] - Hilo just went right up and started his play bark, jumping up at the dog and biting / licking his face... All the other dogs wouldn't go near him. Luckily this dog was very very very calm and polite.

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  • Wow! I've heard about Giant Malamutes, but I've never seen one. I bet he was gorgeous.

    Ever since Dr. Doolittle where they had celebrity voice-overs for the dogs, I've associated some dogs/breeds with celeb personalities.

    Cool Hand Luke is good for an Akita, or even a The Rock meets James Bond attitude. We've said Ronan reminds us of Owen Wilson - he thinks he' s so cute, is a little unconventional, weird, it's all about him, comical, a little wired at times, but good at heart. Ronan also does this mule-kick thing when something touches his back legs or feet. We call that his little 'Ka-CHOW!' kicks. Ray has even started calling him Little KaChowzer.

    I wish Ronan wasn't as unsure of things as he is, but it's just the breed. They are very cautious. Thank goodness he doesn't have Jack Russell attitude - all I can hear is Gilbert Godfreid! LOL!


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  • Oh my gosh! Ahi does the same freaked out kick... that is so funny! I can't believe that's a breed thing, ?I figured that was all Ahi! We call it the "Donkey Kick". - maybe we should bring this up on the Shikoku forum.

    Maui does it some too.

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