2006 Nippo Ken Show - Nagano

  • There were only the two Akita at that Show. This one and a white one. I will see if I took photos of the other one too. I don't remember. I know I have video though. If I can find one though, I will post it!



  • I didn't even to look through my photos!

    The Nippo Ken Club themselves have photos from last years show on their website. The other Akita is pictured and located on the bottom. Also you can see Kishu, Kai, Shiba and Shikoku.




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  •  Thank you for the pictures. It must have been a fun show. I do not know why NIPPO has so drastically fallen out of favor with the Akita fancy in Japan.
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  • I had asked why there weren't more Akitas...

    ...the response was because they are TOO BIG! And that most of the people don't have enough room (or maybe want to deal with) a large dog.

    Strangest thing though...I saw TWO fully grown Great Danes (German Mastiffs) in one of the vans at that very show!

    -shrugs- Hopefully there will be more Akitas at this year's show. I would really love to see more of the Japanese style dogs. 

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