Akita vs. Giant Japanese Dog

  • Can someone please clarify?

    In AKC the two are considered as one breed and labeled as "Akita". Are the American Akitas crossbreds between the Japanese Akita and Giant Japanese Dog?

  •  The short answer is no. In Mexico City in 2000, delegations from the major FCI countries and the United States met at the request of the JKC to solve the problem of the mixing of Japanese and American Akita. The American delegation was extremly rude to the JKC so when the official announcement was made the JKC declared two breeds. The Akita Inu (Japanese) and the Great Japanese Dog (American Akita.) The Great Japanese Dog name outraged most Americans. The name Great Japanese Dog was offically changed to American Akita in 2006. 
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  • Oh, okies. Thanks for the clarificaiton. So the change was fairly recent.

    My Dog Breeds Reference book was published in 2003. So I guess it is now outdated, lol. It contains 338 registered FCI breeds and 100 unregistered breeds though. Very fascinating to see so many breeds. The Giant Japanese Dog threw me off.

    So then there is just the Japanese Akita and American Akita...I see. Then the AKC and CKC are the only ones left allowing crossbreeds on these two types and considering these two as one breed? -goes back and rereads the Japanese vs Blends topic-


    Okay, that topic answered my last question, thank you!

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  •  No problem. Personally, I really like dthe name Great Japanese Dog but that makes me a minority.

     And yes, the USA and Canada are the only countries that allow registrations of JA/AA Crossbreeds (Tweenie.) It is a crime and unfortunatley, we are a long way off from seeing a change. Ego, an inablility to work together ,and the "I'm an American, I can do what I want" syndrome are leading us down this degenerate path.



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