What's Going on??
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    Tenji is going through something really weird.  Today he voided in the living room for the THIRD consecutive day!  He didn't just urinate he unloaded!  Three times in three days.   For 6+ months we have NOT had one accident in the house and now suddenly this.   Also, today after our morning walk in the park we attempted to rinse his front and back legs with the outdoor hose and he totally freaked out.  He started squealing and he avoided me for most of the day.  When it was time for his afternoon walk he would not go out the front door by the hose and when Paul finally coaxed him out he ran by the hose and when it was time for him to come back in he wouldn't come to the front door because he would have to walk by the hose.  He has been walking by the hose for seven months.  I rinsed him one other time, about three months ago, after a day at the beach and he didn't like it but this reaction was really extreme.     What does anyone make of this???  Adolescent behavior?   His activity level is normal and he is playful and loving.     HELP!!!

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    Well it sounds like Adolescents to me - and very familiar too! Tenji and Ronan seem to be about 1 month behind Ahi, due to age, and for about a month now Ahi has been a total freak! She has been in a REALLY BAD adolescent stage. She was kicked out of camp, bit at Jen, killed a rabbit, she has pooed on the floor everyday this weekend, she has started humping Hilo... Oh I could just go on and on... It has been very unpleasant. I have been meaning to post about it but I have just been so busy lately.

    Sounds like adolescents tho - just keep up your routine and discipline and it will pass... I think this is probably the last round for all of us. :c)

    Poor Tenji [and you] tho - sound rough.

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    Wow! Talk about timely!

    Ronan peed on the leg of the dining room table. I caught him and corrected him straight away, and it hasn't happened since (that was a week ago).

    And as of  yesterday, he's taken a renewed interest in humping Tasha and is TOTALLY fascinated with himself if you know what I mean. Money mouth

    He also spooked twice during a walk. Doesn't like manhole covers. He's also back to being real aggressive with the dogs behind us (but no other dogs). He's marking on walks more than he used to as well.

    I tried trimming his nails, and he's back to pulling away from me. Not freaking though, which is good.

    I agree with Brad. It's adolescence. I remember going through this stage with Jack. It usually comes on at around 10 mos and then subsides, only to REALLY get annoying around 15-17 mos of age if I recall.

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    lol! - Ahi hates manhole covers now too! She also will not let us trim her nails - she used to be ok with it.

    I hope Shikokus mature faster than Akita - I don't want to go through this with Ahi at 15 months... Hilo will be 9 months then, and be in the adolescents Ahi is in now... That would suck. An Akita and a Shikoku going through adolescents - uh oh Surprised

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    Aibo's being pretty well behaved in general. I think the neutering helped.
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