What a sniffer!
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    I thought Jack had a real nose for smells. When he was six months old, I chased a black snake out of my parent's back yard before I even let him outside. I didn't have to do much, just a few feet and a nudge with a shoe and it went straight off through the chain link and into the woods behind their house. I never followed it - didn't need to.

    Jack never saw me or the snake.

    When I let him out, he immediately dropped his head and followed the snakes entire trail right to the place it went through the fence. Then, he traced it back again, pausing to smell my shoe - the one i tapped the snake with.

    But I confess, Ronan has him beat. When Ronan was outside, I took all his stuffed toys and put them in a cabinet. Do you know that turkey sniffed out his toys?

    I cut myself a week ago on the knee. It healed over, but I broke it open while at work. Ronan went straight to the spot - sniffing it right through my jeans.

    He's also sniffed out a cut I had that got infected, even through clothing. He's sniffed out termites in a downed log, buried squirrel treasure, and has a keen interest in a spot on Ray's face that hasn't healed right. I made Ray make an appointment with the dermatologist. You think Ronan knows something is up?

    I've never seen another dog that has his sense of smell. 

    Anyone else's Shikoku have an uncanny nose for news? 

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    Wow - all those stories are really amazing, Jack's and Ronan's. We have all heard about the dogs that smell cancer or something - neat to see they are sharp enough to even notice infection or just a cut. That's just really cool! Dogs are really cool! [I know, I 'sound' like a tool]

    Ahi has an amazing nose as well, she has not done anything that cool but she has always been a very strong sniffer. I don't have any stories about it tho. I'll see if Jen does.


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    This obviously makes me really happy as I'm interested in SAR and tracking, yay!
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    Heidi - I thought of you when I posted this. It'll be interesting to see what everyone else says.

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