What we have learned about our Shikokus....
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    I was talking to Jen and she mentioned that someone asked her if Ahi's re-activeness was a behavior common in the Shikoku breed. She mentioned that her first reaction was to say "Well, really, we don't know what is common / normal for this breed since there is so little documentation.", but then she thought about it and was able to give a firm "YES!".

    She realized that because of the forum and all of you, there are a lot of things we now know are "typical" of the Shikoku breed. That made me pretty stoked! I guess this forum is helping all of us understand the breed - I mean that was the plan, but it's nice to see it's working.



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    Yep! I second that.


    And that the Shikoku is a very cautious breed and can a bit reactive when they are afraid or feel threatened.


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