Salmon Poisoning
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    Just got back from a vet visit for Hilo. I asked my vet about the risks of salmon poisoning and if feeding salmon was just to risky to do. She said that salmon poisoning only applies to RAW salmon [we all knew that], and that it also only applies to FRESHWATER salmon [or salmon that breed in freshwater like Alaskan salmon]. She said that "Salmon Poisoning" was really just a term used for the risk of Tape Worm infestation - the same type of risk found with feeding RAW pork. She said that if you want to feed RAW salmon to your pups you should freeze the salmon for about 3 weeks before you feed it to your dogs. Or feed it freeze-dried.

    Cooked salmon poses no issues.

    Hope that helps to clear some stuff up - I know it helped us understand the issue.



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    I didn't think it was a big deal. But  I only give my two salmon I'd normally eat, so that means it is always cooked. I dunno. Something about raw bait...Sealed

    I also heard that you should freeze raw venison. 

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