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    The Akita Inu, Kai Ken, Shiba Inu and Shikoku Ken forums are all part of the Nihon Ken Forum Group (NihonKenForumGroup.org) - a network of forums dedicated to the six native Japanese dog breeds. Our goal is to provide a place for the open sharing of knowledge about these amazing breeds. We aim at providing the most open, friendly, and knowledgeable forum for owners and enthusiasts to discuss these amazing breeds.

    The Nihon Ken Forum Group was built, is owned, and run by me, Brad Anderson - a fellow enthusiast / owner. Like many of you I love the native Japanese breeds and want to make sure we maintain their purity throughout the world. I launched these forums in the hope that, as a community, we could help make sure we keep these amazing breeds out of rescues and puppy mills. My hope is that through these forums we can help educate fellow enthusiast about the breeds and there special characteristics in order to help keep the breeds from ending up in the wrong home. Like many of you, I found it hard to find one place with information about some of the native Japanese breeds; it is my hope that these forums help to aggregate the communities knowledge into one place.

    If you are interested in joining the community please sign up for an account, create a new discussion, choose the 'Introductions' category, and post a message introducing yourself. I'm sure you will find that you share a multitude of common interests with many of the users in the community.

    Thanx, and welcome to the community!



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