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    I am new to this forum and really glad I stumbled onto it. What a great way to connect with other Akita owners! We have a 9 Month old American Akita (Kenji). We fell in love with the breed after owning 2 adopted brothers. They were great dogs and we were lucky to find a great breeder locally and got Kenji.

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  • Welcome, Tim!
    Im a fellow New Englander in Vermont with Kai dogs, but I admire all of the NK!

    The forum is a good resource for research, but as you will notice it's been very quiet for years now. Most of the action moved over to facebook, where sharing photos is easier. If you use FB, we have a Nihon Ken Forum group there (please join us - I want to see Kenji), and you may also be interested in our East Coast Meetup Group (though that is less active in winter and perks up a bit in the warmer months more suited to hikes, gatherings, shows and dog sports.

    Cheers and welcome!

  • Welcome!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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