Nihon Kens in multi-dog households.
  • DenaliDenali
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    In my intro post, I mentioned that I am looking into a Japanese breed in the future, but am concerned about their ability to function in a multi-dog house. Any by multi-dog I really mean it. There are six dogs here :) A male Great Pyrenees, female Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees, male Sarplaninac, a male Czech line German Shepherd, a male Bernese Mountain dog x poodle, and a female golden retriever x poodle.

    All of the dogs are cared for by different people, with the Pyrenees and the German Shepherd being mine. The two females show absolutely no DA and very submissive dogs well, the doodle thing is crazy but that is a given with them :)). The Pyrenees and male doodle are also great with other dogs. The shepherd and Sarplaninac are both under a year so I can't make any guarantees but they are both being heavily socialized and talking with owners of relatives they are both from lines that don't typically exhibit much DA. I'm thinking if I had a Nihon Ken I would more than likely do a female as I think that would be best with the dogs it would interact with the most.

    So what is your experiences with your multi-dog houses? How do they typically dog with new additions to the pack (I.E., if I had plans to have another breed, would it be better to get it before or after the Nihon Ken). Thank you for reading this far, I know I have a tendency to ramble ;)