Possible Kai Ken cross breeding going on?
  • DeonDeon
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    This is the place that popped into my mind when I came across this.

    I was going through Yahoo JP looking at a news article on Ryukyu Inu and ended up coming across a dog that has been labelled as a Kai cross Ryukyu... apparently the mother was a Kai and father was Ryukyu.

    I was wondering if anyone here knew of any Kai Ken cross litters being recorded in Japan or Okinawa lately? The video of this dog was posted this year in August and it’s a young dog.

    It shocked me when I saw “琉球犬 x 甲斐犬” as the title.

    The description of the video also says about the dog and that it’s 2 years old, male and mother was Kai and father was Ryukyu...

    Asking Kai Ken people is a lot easier than asking Ryukyu Inu people. (^-^” )