how would they do on our game
  • Okay need some input from the more experienced hunters on here. After I read about theses dogs were expected to work deer hog and bear in just pairs and slow them down until the hunters got there I got to wondering how they might do with finding and slowing down some of our game until the catch dogs got there mostly rabbits fox and coyote? I know a lot of people are scared of coyote packing up on a dog but that during the spring and summer when they are having pups in the winter they are alone or maybe in pairs. I ask because they are getting to be a big problem and a lot of them are getting call and trap shy. The plan would be for them to find and work them until the bigger catch dogs get there to take down the game.
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    There are terrific boar hunting stories on Shigeru's blog where he hunts with Kishu Ken.

    Explore that blog a bit and you can read details and see some video from his hunts. Lots of boar on the tailgate.
  • Yeah he was how I found out about them and I was thinking if they can work hogs like that I was thinking fox and coyote should be okay
  • I couldn't see my Kishu or my other two boar dogs going up against a coyote personally. Not even to bay one, the only type of Coyote hunting with dogs that I know about is with Greyhounds or other large powerful breeds that have the speed and power that a 40 to 50 pound larger Kishu just doesn't have.

    I think boar and coyote are pretty different types of game, but I guess it's not impossible and could depend on the dog and hunting style.

    Now that I think about it, there's also some guys who use random breeds as "decoy" type dogs to pull Coyotes in and then they shoot the coyotes from the top of the hill.

    This is the style that I'm most familiar with

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  • Yeah the greyhound deal is out west in the open county
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    Kishu sure THINK they can take on coyote... at least... I have two that do, lol. I'm not sure I would suggest them for coyote hounds. Maybe they'd be ok on fox, but only if you didn't want the fur... the fox might be quicker, tho.
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    I haven't hunted coyote before, but I could see a lot of ways that could go wrong with the Nihon Ken. The Nihon Ken are pretty agile, but they're not a big dog, and not particularly fast over distance.
  • Good to know guys