Polish, Russian and Ukraine Japanese Akita breeders
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    Over the years, I've noticed quite a few breeders from these nations have advertised on sites sites like Puppy Find which I understand is like a big red flag. But I also notice that quite a few Americans are becoming backyard breeders using Japanese Akitas from Poland (e.g., Sakura no Sono, Halne Wzgorze, Fuen no Oka, Shiroiarashi, etc.) . Do these breeders not care what happens to the puppies they breed or that their lines are ending up dumped in shelters? Do they not screen their buyers? Don't they care about their reputations? Seems pretty irresponsible if they claim to love the Japanese Akita breed. Or is making money their only motivation?
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    You are correct -- they neither care nor screen.
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    Sad and shameful.