Adopting 9 year old Shikoku compared to a Puppy
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    Hi all,

    we are reading through the forum for a while already. We, two 25 year old students, are planning to adopt a Shikoku soonish and this forum is a great way to collect as many useful informations as possible about this breed. As there is not that much literature available, we are glad to get answers on so many questions and read all the amazing stories about you and your dogs.

    We are living in a flat with a fenced yard (Shiba proved ;)) and for at least the next 1,5 years we can make sure that the dog won't be alone for hours. After that we are sure we find a good solution and will be able to give the dog enough exercise.

    At the moment we may get the chance to adopt a 9 year old Shikoku. He is now living at a Kennel and we are a bit afraid that he might have a problem being the only dog or being alone at all as he was always with the other dogs around him. Besides that he is not used to live in a flat for to long. Also we have to find out how good he is with living close to a City instead of in the middle of a forest.
    Does anyone have experiences or thoughts in that direction? We will meet him soon for 2 days to see weither we can build a first connection. We really look forward to these days and are already super excited. Is there anything we should ask the breeder? Or any Ideas how we could make it as easy as possible for him to move in with us? We are willing to put a lot of work in the relationship and know that will be necessary and he might need some time to adapt, though every recommendations and help as well as critical voices are highly welcomed.

    How is it to adopt an older boy especially compared to adopting a Puppy?

    Thank you!
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    How did the meeting go, out of curiosity?
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