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    Hi everyone!

    I’m new to this forum and have been looking into the prospect of buying and importing a JA into the U.S. I will be a first time JA owner and want to take extra precautions to make sure I have considered everything before taking this step.

    I read on a previous post that one breeder to reach out to is named Karina Kulieva, previously Karina Radziminskaya on Facebook. She previously used to breed at the Sakura No Sono kennel in Poland and is now breeding out of Russia.

    I am posting to see if anyone else has JA’s from her kennel and if there is anything to know about buying them online and importing them to the U.S.

    Karina has provided me with pedigree papers for one of her puppies and I am waiting on health and registration information. He is a long coat and wouldn’t be sterilized until I receive him. My main concerns are with the health and temperament of the puppy, as I will not have met him in person. He is 4 months old and would be around 5-6 months old by the time I would get him. During this time period, she has offered to place him in her puppy kennel for an extra $100 per month and send periodic pictures and videos of him until I am ready. I know the socialization period is very important and am wondering if his age would be an issue trying to bond with him.

    Also, has anyone had experience with paying for an imported JA? What payment methods are considered safe and standard? He will cost $700 and shipping will cost $900. Is this on par with prices for a long coat?

    Any and all information is welcome and appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    Hi! I didn't get Yuki (my Hokkaido) until she was 6 months old. While it would have been nice to have her as a young puppy, I haven't had any issues bonding with her or socializing/training her. She was nervous when I first got her, but has since blossomed into a very social and temperamentally sound girl.

    A good breeder will understand the importance of puppy socialization though. Ask Karina what steps she will be taking to socialize the puppy while he is with her :)
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