Akiyama no Roushya Kokuchou go (Yuki) - Kishu Ken available for rehome
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    I figured I'd also update the forum to let everyone know that Yuki, Cuchulainn x Nami's female pup, is available for rehome.

    Yuki is a black sesame Kishu Ken born on July 9th, 2017. Yuki was my keeper pup from this litter, and was placed on a co-own home at 8 weeks out of concern that Reiko may have been too grown to fit in well in the owner's household if we placed her, instead.

    Yuki, however, has recently gone into heat and become quite aggressive with the owner's sister's (female) dogs. Because of the intensity of the arguments between the dogs, we have some concerns for the other resident dogs' safety. That said, Yuki did well when she was here at my house to visit after her last fight with the other resident dog and was very good with the Kishu, and even TK, my older Shikoku. She does seem to prefer male dogs, so a home with either no other dogs, or a home with a confident male dog may be her best bet for happiness.

    When she visited with me I did notice she had an ear-infection, which has since been resolved, but also that she is a LITTLE barky with new things and may have poor confidence. I think a basic obedience class and some confidence boosting games and activities in her new home will help her go far - she has shown that she is an adaptable and trusting little girl, and she has some time to turn around at this point. I'm overall optimistic, given a placement that is willing to work with her to help her settle in.

    I prefer a home that is in the PNW, and would like to continue her co-ownership to keep her in my kennel until she matures, at very least, to be evaluated. She's in her gangly, sort of puppy uglies hardcore right now, but her brothers all look like an improvement on their sire at least, so I'm hoping for the same from her. I WILL consider an approved pet home, or one that is outside of the PNW, however, if it is the best thing for her, or a home in the PNW is not available.

    If you would like more information on Yuki, or are interested in her rehoming process, fee, or have any other questions, please contact me either here, or at my email: Akiyama@Kishu-Ken.org

    8 month photos:



    Old puppy photos:

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