Import Akita from Different country
  • teer912teer912
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of importing a puppy from different country. Does anyone have any experience? If the pup is coming from a not rabies-free country, how is the process? Do you have to file some kinds of paperwork with CDC? If you have like an instruction or a guide, would you please give me the link?

    Thanks in advance for all your knowledge!!

  • yo_eddyyo_eddy
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    You either need to wait 30 days after the first rabies shot, or get the CDC to issue a confinement agreement, and then adhere to the agreement.

    CDC outlines the process here:
  • teer912teer912
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    thank you !! this is very helpful
  • chaakitachaakita
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    Generally the breeder helps to accomplish all papers and procedures required to import a puppy. From not rabies-free countries puppy has to wait 30 days after first rabies shot (done when puppy is 3 months old earliest), but sometimes it's possible to ship a puppy earlier, depending on the airport, applying for a special approval (usually the shipping agent helps to do it).