And then there was +4 more Hokkaidos in North America
  • First off, I did not want to not follow the forum rules regarding new litter announcements and since I am not a breeder, this is an "Unofficial" announcement. Lindsay said that I could share these few pics of the 2nd Hokkaido litter to ever be born in North America. Congratulations to Kurasi and Ashitaka and their 4 new Hokkaido puppies. I know a lot of people have worked really hard to make this day happen.



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    I was so happy when Lindsay messaged me to tell me she was in labor. I was expecting more! But 4 pups is more Hokkaido than there were. I'm sort of surprised that they are mostly black - I was also expecting more reds!
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    Do I spy a brindle?! Congrats!
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  • CrispyCrispy
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    She had 3 black & tan, and 1 brindle and I can't wait to go up and squish all of them.
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  • Congratulations!! I'm so excited ♥
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  • I forgot to ask Lindsay how many males/females there were.
  • Three males one female. The brindle is male.
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  • They're beautiful! Congrats to Kurasi and Ashitaka! I love Kurasi's colour, I'm glad a lot of the puppies look like her. :)

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