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    Hey Guys!
    If you havent seen on our FB Group (I heart shikokus)
    I finally got around to making my kennel page and have a future breeding planned, pending health tests!
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  • I love the name! And wow, you guys are in Ontario? I know you do CKC showing but if you ever try UKC I would love to see you there at the shows :)
  • AllisonAllison
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    I'm going to try to enter UKC shows this year in april (rockton), may (napanee-its kinda far though) and june also in rockton.

    I'm about 80% sure we will be at the april one in rockton!
    I've never shown in UKC before though, only CKC
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    @Allison That's awesome! I will be attending the Rockton shows for sure :) And possibly the Napanee one if life allows. It'll be great to have another nihon ken there!

    I've only shown in UKC and ABI, and I only started last year but it's a lot of fun. Every UKC show I've been to has a relaxed atmosphere and everyone was nice to a beginner like me. I've never shown CKC, since my JA would probably be judged on an AA's standard. Maybe when the split happens ;)

    Not sure if you know/care about ABI (All Breed International) shows, but there's one in May not too far from the GTA (about an hour). It's not a registry like UKC or CKC, just a dog show venue afaik. They use FCI standards and if nothing else, it's a chilled out venue for showing. :) edit: I just checked and ABI actually uses the CKC standard for the shikoku.
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  • AllisonAllison
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    I'm assuming everything is shown the same way.
    I can come on mornings on the weekends and bargain with my work to start at 4:30pm so I can attempt to go to all the shows.
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    Wow, your website is GORGEOUS!
    Apricity Kennel Hokkaido Ken
    ~ Located in Northern Virginia, USA ~
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    Thank you!! It took about a month to get all together and what I wanted!