Are Kyuden Kitsune reputable breeders?
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    I found Kyuden a while ago while searching for Brindle Hokkaido breeders and they do indeed have a brindle. I looked on their website but it doesn't say much about Health Testing... Which is why I'm asking here... Do they do the full sheebang of health testing? Ie. Hips, Elbows, CEA and Patella Luxation?

    If they don't, can anyone here recommend a Hokkaido breeder in Europe that breeds brindles and does the whole range of health testing?
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    Kyuden Kitsune are well known and as far as I know, they have a good reputation. I don't know about health testing, but I think some of their dogs are CEA. European breeders may not have to report health screenings publicly.

    A Kyuden Kitsune dog is actually in the UK, and the owner is on this forum, but I cannot for the life of me remember her name... @six maybe? She may be willing to share her experience?
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  • Hi! Kyuden Kitsune has a very good reputation in the Hokkaido community. I know Sophie CEA tests her dogs, and I've found records of a couple hip screenings as well (all passing).

    By the way, most Hokkaido breeders do not test for elbows, as elbows are really not a big problem with the Japanese breeds (Akita aside). A few breeders test for luxating patella since Shiba have patella problems, but it's still a pretty optional health test and I'm yet to see a Hokkaido with not normal patellas. Hip radiographs and CEA testing are the two big health tests for the breed :)
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  • And yes, Lindsey Hiscocks (@Six) owns Kirin, a young female from Kyuden Kitsune. She might be able to answer some of your questions.
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