Tell me I'm not crazy
  • Howdy,

    I have a vet appointment for tomorrow, but I'm worried my vet is going to think I'm a hypochondriac/crazy. My dog has been doing something weird on/off for the last few weeks. When she gets up she looks like an old lady and she's not even two yet. Her back legs look stiff and it takes her a few minutes to walk "normal" but even then I can tell her back legs are stiff and and she walks like she's tip-toeing over glass. I check her paws everyday to make sure nothing like burs are stuck in them. She doesn't do this everyday, it's more like every other day or parts of the day. Yesterday morning for example she refused to go for a long walk and her back legs looked stiff/painful. In the evening however she did zoomies up and down the hall just fine and was not hyper, but active and wanted to play a little bit. She's definitely calmed down a lot in the year and a half we've been together. She went from all play, all the time to now only wanting to play a little bit.

    I thought maybe it's growing pains, because she's not quite two yet, her guesstimated birthday is February, but I've never raised a puppy and she didn't do this before soooooo I'm not sure if this is nothing, a hip issue or normal.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Or do you have suggestions for what I can ask my vet? Also to be fair to my vet I'm pretty sure they just don't want me to waste my money bringing in a healthy dog :P but this is kind of important to know since we're also in an agility class right now so if there is something wrong/abnormal I don't want to make it worse or cause her pain.

    Edit: Also her legs are not tender to the touch, she lets me massage them, so I don't think anything is broken or fractured. I figure if it was she'd yelp and definitely wouldn't be doing zoomies.
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    I would ask them to do an X-Ray for Hip Dysplasia and check your dogs knees as well. My Border Collie is the same and he has Hip Dysplasia and grade 1-2 luxating patella. :( I wish you the best of luck at the vets!
  • Thanks Deon! I will do that. I'm also trying to record her doing it on my phone incase tomorrow she decides to walk normal X_X.
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