Meet the Breeds 2018?
  • I know this is still quite a ways away, but is there any interest in doing Nihon Ken breed booths at Westminster's Meet the Breeds this year? It's February 10, 2018 (Saturday) in New York from 10:00am to 5:00pm. I'll have to look into what exactly is required to register for booth space, but I wanted to see if there's any interest first. I'd love to bring my Hokkaido, but I'd hate to be the only one lol! Especially for an event this large.

    For those that don't know what a MTB booth is... think of it as an information booth for your breed where people can not only come up and talk to you/get informational materials on the breed, breed club, etc, but also meet the breed in person. It's a great way to introduce the public to rare breeds that they probably wouldn't have stumbled across on their own. The Westminster MTB booths are always PACKED, so it's important dogs be well socialized, comfortable around crowds, react well to distractions, and are comfortable getting attention from people. The more dogs that show up, the better because then dogs can be crate rotated (so one dog isn't doing all the "work").


    Photo of my young Hokkaido at a (small) MTB booth last summer :) She looked pretty scraggly then, but we had fun lol!
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    Westminster was a nightmare for me in 2015. Good luck!

    If you are going to participate with your dogs, be warned you cannot leave the building for the entire day. Pack like, a cooler for your lunch and dinner, lol.
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  • It's the same weekend of the Nihon Ken Invitational... you should come to that instead :P
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