• Is anyone planning on attending the Clark County Kennel Club Dog Show? Lindsay has registered Miko and Ashitaka for the Rare Breeds division (Correct me if I am wrong Lindsay) on Dec. 4 so we will be in attendance. This is Miko's first dog show and mine too (gulp) But hey, at least it gives me a chance to get out of work. Looking forward to seeing how handling and showing works.
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    I will be there with 1 Kishu on Monday for the same show. I'm also thinking about bringing a Kishu and a Hokkaido for the B matches on Saturday or Sunday.
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  • Have fun! FSS Open Shows are always a blast. Also, that's awesome that there are so many Hokkaido (well, relatively lol!) in the northwest. Since there are at least two entered, whoever takes breed will be the first AKC pointed Hokkaido! :)
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    Good luck to all the Hokkaido going! And any Kishu, too. :) On the 9th I will be at a Ridgefield show with my Icelandic Sheepdog puppy, but no shows for Meitou.
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