Nihonken Anime - Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin
  • Looking for vids of Kai on youtube and found an amv for this series. I thought it was just Kai so I would have posted in that category but it's got a lot of different breeds. Main character is an Akita! It's from the VHS days so I was wondering if anyone else has heard of/seen this anime? There's also a sequel series following the main character's pup. Pretty cool stuff, from what I can tell, like Japanese Balto but more gory I think.
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    I seen both series via youtube. Loved the first one. Second was good too, but loved first more.

    It never came to usa probably good thing imagine all the censorship and change. lol I kinda wish a anime company would bring it here, but ah well.

    There is manga on it too. The first series has kishu, kai ken, I think hokkaido, towards the middle of it and I think shikoku also some foreign breeds too. second series had shiba inu.
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  • I like that someone made a dog anime and included the NK breeds, but I don't actually like the artwork of the dogs. :( (picky, picky!)
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    BATTOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's also the sequel Ginga Densetsu Weed. It's all super cheesy but I love it.
  • I hadn't seen any of it before posting this but I've been marathoning it on Youtube. It is definitely dramatic, training a pup to be a bear dog at 1 month old? From what I know puppies aren't supposed to leave their moms for 8 weeks so they can learn important socialization skills, but other than that I don't think you could transfer them to a solid diet at only a month old. Definitely some narrative for dramatic effect...

    The wild dogs aren't mentioned till episode 6, you don't meet them till 7, and OMG episode 9 was all about KAI! I'm so chuffed they show Kofu, Yamanashi! It's really different from other dog shows I've seen/heard of (really only the manga Crazy About Dogs - Japanese pet store comic) Based on the series description though, it is so slow.
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    I cannot tell you how many people message or email me saying they first found out about Kishu through this comic series... or the other one connected to it. I don't know the difference, I'll be honest.
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