• DoUrdenDoUrden
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    This is another breed that interests me. They're a fairly new breed, and they're being bred specifically as companion animals, which adds to their appeal. What experiences, if any, has anyone here had with Eurasiers?
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    They're a neat breed. I've never met one in person tho.
  • sgillfsgillf
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    My Neighbour had two of them... Very calm dogs, they would waddle around slowly whenever I saw them. Very very slowly actually - I can't recall another mid-sized dog being so slow moving.

    They wouldn't bark too much, and once they recognized it was me (their neighbour) they'd stop barking. They took awhile to warm up to strangers, but were very affectionate with us after they did. They were very patient with my 3 year old as well.