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    We picked up Itadaki No Ayuta Go (Haruki) from the airport on saturday, and he has been settling in fairly well so far. He was understandably a bit grumpy the first day, but has warmed up very quickly to my wife, her dog Yuka, and myself. Haruki has been learning new things very fast, although he still isn't so sure about things like stairs, or jumping down off the couch (Treats have been somewhat helpful with this though). Does anybody have any tips regarding socialization of a Hokkaido that differ from how one might go about things with others breeds? I know part of his aversion to strangers is just the breed, but the more socialized we can make him the better.


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    He's very cute! :3
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    Very cute! I think the breed is pretty evenly split on stranger danger. Some are very cautious and others are in everyone's laps. If he is on the more cautious side, I would suggest getting him in classes where he can have controlled non threatening introductions and take him to "safe" places where he won't be overwhelmed with grabby hands. Are you in the Portland area?
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    He does fairly well with new people, so long as they are calm around him for the most part. And yes, we live in Beaverton.
  • Welcome Haruki!
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  • Great looking dog.

    Get him into puppy lessons ASAP. Will do wonders for training and socialization. I know some people on here are not keen on dog parks but I think they are beneficial for socialization if you keep a close watch on you dog and are careful.
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    What a handsome boy! Welcome. :)
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    Omg what a cutie! Welcome!
  • Aww! He's so cute! I would get him into puppy training classes as soon as you can. Hokkaido need plenty of positive training and socialization from an early age, and this can help. Also, take him to as many pet friendly places as you can. Have a treat pouch on you and let new people meet him and give him treats/pets. The more socialization the better! Here's a list of 100+ things to socialize a puppy to:

    When out training and socializing, make sure you keep a close eye on his body language. Recognize when he's getting overwhelmed and never push him to do something he doesn't want to do. All training and socialization should be taken at his own pace :)

    (By the way, Aunt Yuki says hi!)
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