Young akita with toileting inside issues
  • I have an 8-month-old female akita (not yet spayed) who I have had since she was a pup. She generally appears to be house trained, with a couple of exceptions. If my housemate and I are both out, she will sometimes pee either on my bed or in an enclosed corner in my housemate's front room. She always has access to the back yard, even when we are out, and she definitely poops out there, but as we also live with her mum it's hard to tell if she goes out there to pee (at least one dog certainly does). If she cannot get to either of the aforementioned locations, she doesn't toilet elsewhere in the house. I've been pretty sure from looking online that this is separation anxiety related, though I can't find any good suggestions on what to do about it and as she's now getting to be such a big girl I'm getting pretty desperate! This morning, she went into my house mate's front room and peed in the corner even when we were both in (I caught her coming out of the room), though she was acting strangely/anxiously afterwards so I'm not sure if there was something else going on (she was hiding in her crate in the room where I was working, whining and occasionally barking, though calmed down after I walked her).

    Other relevant information: My housemate's front room is where she was born and spent her early puppy weeks. We've cleaned it through repeatedly with an enzymatic cleaner since. Every time she toilets indoors, I clean up afterwards using an enzymatic cleaner.

    If anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any suggestions on how to address it, apart from just making sure she can't get to either of those locations (we try, but sometimes we forget to close a door properly or something) would be hugely appreciated. Or even just some reassurance that she will grow out of it!
  • I would probably crate her when I left the house, and work more on crate training to help secure the house training she already has. Do you have a crate for her?
  • Yes, she has a crate which she sleeps in.
  • First I'd rule out any health related stuff, but I think all you can do is treat her like a 2-month old again until she earns the right to be loose in the house again. I would crate her when you're not home or can't watch her, and treat and praise her like crazy for going outside.
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    @Kaja Didn't Kaja have a similar problem but her potty spot was the third floor? Did you find a solution? What worked or didn't?

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