Seihoujou go Hakushuu Ooyama Sou [I think] ("Reiko")
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    I also picked Reiko up in Carson, New Mexico, when I picked up Kurasi, the Hokkaido! Reiko is an import brought over to the US by Hakuzan Kennel and Shigeru Kato. She's a lovely Kishu - about Nami's size, so I'm hoping she'll mature to be a little larger. Reiko is a sweet dog, but is taking a little longer to come out of her shell. She gets excited to see me in the morning, and is already looking for our next adventure, but she doesn't really want to associate with me like Kurasi does, which is something more "my speed", I guess - I was expecting Reiko to be this way. I'm sure she'll warm up and be a great adventure dog like the rest of the Kishu, here.

    I do have a co-owner lined up for her, where she can get more one-on-one time than I can provide, but she's such a nice dog, I think if that one falls through, I might just try to keep her if I can...


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