Kurasi go Hokusei Kashinoki ("Kurasi")
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    I brought home my first ever Hokkaido Ken on Saturday morning, when we started the road trip from Carson, New Mexico, to Portland, Oregon. Kurasi went from not wanting to associate with me and staying as far away from me as possible to begging me to let her out so we could Do Things in the course of 3 days, over our road trip.

    My Hokkaido experience has been short so far, and I know she will change as she settles in, but she is a VERY playful dog and very interactive with me. Moreso than my Kishu and Shikoku. She's about as chatty as Cuchulainn, my chattiest Kishu, and is super-expressive. She is also very much a sort of "hover dog" - always present, but not usually in my face (except for times she thinks she should be playing with me.) She's been mostly amiable with my dogs, as long as she has some time to approve of their presence. She's warmed up most to Cuchulainn (who she went on the road trip with) and Fionna (who is probably my least offensive dog).

    She also takes a nice picture...




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    Lovely pictures. I'm excited to read about your experiences from having her. :)

    I'd love to own a hokkaido someday so eagerly soaking up info I can find.
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  • Stunning Hokkaido! Can't wait to meet her.
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    Awwwwww, Kurasi! :x
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  • She's adorable!
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    I'm glad to see her back in the northwest. She was a favorite puppy here :)
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  • She is beautiful!
  • CrispyCrispy
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    She has been waking me up every morning at 5 since we got home with grumbly howls, and then does a ceremonial cheerful bounce out of her crate to "play" with me before she goes to the door to be let out. She goes to the front door... rather than the back yard... so we're working on that.
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  • Silly girl!

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