CKC to split the Akita?
  • koujichankoujichan
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    I just got mail from the Canadian Kennel Club with a short survey about separating the akita into AA and JA. It looks like we might have two different breeds soon, unlike the AKC.

    Any thoughts on this?
  • LexterGraceLexterGrace
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    The Akita isn't "my" breed, but personally, I like the idea of splitting the breed. Put the AA & the JA side by side and they really do look like completely different dogs.

    On one side you have a 80-100+ lb dog with a massive head, thick/blunt muzzle, looser jowels, larger eyes, bulkier stature, more angulated rear, shorter coat that's often pinto with a black mask (a disqualifying color in the JA I think), loosely curled tail, and more upright ear set. On the other side you have a 45-70lb dog with a more refined head, tapered muzzle, narrow chest, longer coat, smaller/more angular eyes, ears which point out to the side, tighter curled tail, and lighter bone. I just can't see anyone being able to judge them as the same breed of dog.
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  • koujichankoujichan
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    I know of a JA in Quebec who won a CKC Championship, which I found interesting because the standard for AA/JA is so different. I would've thought for sure a JA would be disqualified based on height alone. A (Quebecois) judge told me I might have more luck showing my JA in Quebec because the judges there are more familiar with JAs. Strange!

    I wonder how this will affect breeders in Canada. Will more people start getting into JA if they're recognized by the CKC? How will that affect the breed? Lots of stuff to think about.